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Week 35

This week, we finished our PALS testing for Kindergarten.  The assessment focused on letter recognition, letter sounds, beginning sounds, rhyming, spelling (CVC words), and concept of word (tracking as they read; recognizing vocabulary from a nursery rhyme).  The class did very well with the Spring PALS and I'll be sending home that information soon.  In reading, we had a "Ladybug Girl" week.  We read the books by David Soman and Jacky Davis.  The class learned about empathy and responsibility through the adventures of Ladybug Girl and her bug squad.  Our power words for this week were: says, put, when.  In Math, we reviewed subtraction (up to 10).
The weather was beautiful for recess this week!

All the Kindergarten classes helped say thanks to  our local beekeepers for coming to our school for  our Expo launch and our Expo night.
Each class signed it.
Ms. Buggs presents the check to our local beekeepers.   This was the money we raised selling the  kid-made bee notecard…
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Week 34

This week, we finished our Entomology unit.  The class was introduced to new "visitors" to our room- 11 caterpillars.  They've been amazed, as each caterpillar has gotten bigger and has started to change into their chrysalis.  The 2G power words for this week were: not, these, play; and we practice the /k/ and /wh/ sounds that turned in to /qu/, as well as, the tw blend.  In math, we practiced subtraction.  The kids are getting really good about taking away, which is a harder concept than adding.  
Dance Day for our ABC Countdown

Excellent Artist Day- 2 students picked  the art pictures for us to try

Caterpillars- Cup 1
Caterpillars- Cup 2 *Did I mention that I love butterflies?!  :)
Game Day- what a fun  and different way to start the day
I also brought my own game for the class to play- bowling,  which helped us with our subtraction

The class was really getting into the game  with strikes, spares, and even "gutter balls"

Week 33

The Bee Expo took most of our time on Monday and Tuesday, as the class practiced with other kindergarteners in preparation.  We continued our Entomology unit with ants and spiders.  The students learned how there are similarities between ants and bees because of their colonies/working together.  We also learned more about spiders and how they are not in the insect group- a common misconception.  The class worked on the following 2G power words: oh, her, him; and the following blends: dr, tr, pr

This we began learning about subtraction.  The class came up with words that we might hear when solving subtraction problems such as; take away, subtract, less, fewer.  They also practiced this concept of subtraction with a "Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?" activity sheet during rotations. 

Our classroom's 2 selected realistic bees that were added  to the notecards that were sold on the Bee Expo night.
 Just a couple beekeepers hanging around...
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Week 32

This week, the class worked on the finishing touches for their Bee Expo and practiced their parts for that evening.  The excitement is in the air, as we get closer!  In reading, our class practiced the following 2G power words:  as, goes, saw; and the blends: gr, gl, br, bl.  It is amazing to see what kind of words they can come up with or already know for their blends!  The class answered questions from our school's book club book- Flora and Ulysses.  When even had a visitor in our room- Ulysses!  He decided to hang out with some of our Mo Willems friends and watch what Kindergarteners do in school.  Ulysses moved on to another class on Friday.
In Math, we finished addition (numbers up to 10).  The class practiced with word stories and using different strategies (counting on, ten frames, drawing pictures, dominos, etc) to find the sum of each problem.  Next week, we will focus on subtraction.

Bee-ngo!  A fun take on bingo, as well as reviewing  the different types of be…