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Week 6

Even though it doesn't feel much like fall right now, our class came up with some great responses to fill our fall anchor chart.  We focused on the months, the activities that you might do, the clothes you would wear, and the weather.  The class was even able to recall what we had discussed the following day.

I introduced our Word Sort books (composition notebooks) this week.  The class did well sorting in their small group with me during rotations.  We started small and sorted letters and numbers.  They did well cutting their letters and numbers out and gluing them down.  I plan on using these Word Sort books once a week to reinforce different Language Arts skills.

This was our last week of patterns in Math.  The class used playdoh during one of their rotations with Ms. Kitchen to make their own pattern creations.  We focused on AB, AAB, and ABC patterns.  (For example: AB= red, blue, red, blue and an AAB= red, red, blue, red, red, blue)  It was great to see them find patterns i…
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Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Thursday was a great day for a field trip to the pumpkin patch!  The class was super excited to be able to go on their first field trip of the year.  We had a hay ride around the farm and saw cows and goats.  The man driving our tractor was able to tell us some fun facts about each animal.  This was also our opportunity to go out in the field and select our own pumpkins to take home.  The students had a blast picking their pumpkin and even sunflowers too.  Once we returned to the main farm area, the class learned about the things grown on the farm and how we use them at home.  Our final activity was to play in the play area.  There were so many different things to do:  a cornbox (kind of like a sandbox but with corn), animal petting area (pig, goat, calf), a huge, green tractor, hay to climb on, and even a cotton mountain to jump around in.  I tried to capture as many fun moments as possible...please enjoy, I know we did!

Ready to go!

Hayride time!

First stop...cows!

Here's the m…