Week 15

We have been in school for 69 days now...can you believe it?!  And now after Week 15, these kiddos are getting a much deserved break.  They have been learning lots.  This week, we had fun with winter/holiday themed activities.  There were only two power words for them to practice this week; who, was.  I also introduced them to syllables and how to count how many syllables are in a word (clapping it out helps).  For example, computer has 3 syllables and tree has 1 syllable.  We finished starter sentences such as "The elf can..., The elf has..., The elf is..."  The class had fun finishing all our starter sentences each day.  In math, we started working on graphs and organizing the data we found onto a graph.  We will continue this math skill once we come back from Winter Break.

Friday was our Winter Fun day!  The class made ornaments, reindeer food, and decorated trees.  They also got to enjoy a special holiday snack during their special rotations.  We appreciate our two wonde…
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