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Week 38

What a fun last week of school!  Our class visited Ms. Morgan's first grade classroom on Monday.  They had fun listening to the first graders telling us about first grade and then our class was able to ask questions too.  Tuesday was our End of the Year program.  It was great to see so many parents come out to watch their child perform and receive certificates.  Wednesday was super fun with our school's field day!  Thanks to all the parents that came out for that special day.  On Thursday, we had our year end clearance and packed up all our things.  And Friday was the last day!  Thank you to everyone for making this a great year!

Checking out Ms. Morgan's first grade classroom.  They have the same carpet as us!

700 steps!!!  Keep reading this summer!

Our class Forest Ecosystem diorama. 

Field Day fun...inside and outside activities.

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Week 37

I can hardly believe that we are almost done with this school year.  This week was spent having fun with the different ABC Countdown activities, practicing for our End of the Year celebration (Tuesday the 13th 11:00-11:30), and working on our math assessment.  We started our week with our stuffed friends on (Q)uiet Day, dressed as cowgirls and cowboys on (R)odeo Day, accessorized on (S)unglasses Day, wore our favorite t-shirts on (T)-shirt Day, and worked (U)nder our desks on the last day.  On Friday, we also had this year's Smithfield High School graduates visit us as they walked in their caps and gowns through our hallways.  It was fun to give high fives, wave, and congratulate them as they walked by.  This week also brought more milestones with our reading steps!  We had students reach 600, 700, and even 800 steps!!  Way to go!

Independent reading with stuffed friends...

600 reading steps...looks like that earns a "dab"!  :)

My first 800 steps student!  He's a sup…