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Week 27

Entomologists...who would have thought it would only take only a week for the class to learn how to say this new word!  It's a toughie for sure.  Each morning my kiddos are eager to prove that they can say it as they read our morning message.  We learned more about bugs this week and their body parts.  They learned that an insect has six legs and three body parts: head, thorax, and abdomen.  We started focusing on social insects, beginning with ants.  Another social insect that we looked at was the bumblebee.  We were treated with a visit from an actual beekeeper from the Isle of Wight County to learn more about how they take care of bees.

Our power words were fun this week- slap my arm fun!  LOL  The tricky word for this week was "our" and everyone kept pronouncing it wrong and saying "are".  So, to help them I would slap my arm and say "ow"- r.  They got a kick out seeing me do it and I hope it made an impression as they saw the difference between …
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Week 26

Spring is almost here and our newest reading unit is a perfect fit!  We started learning about bugs/insects, which we should be seeing a lot more of outside now.  This week, we looked at a variety of bugs (pictures, books, and videos) and how they looked and moved.  The class came up with different movements that bugs can do: flying, crawling, running, walking, swimming, slithering, etc.  Bugs are busy creatures!  The class has also been working word families...and this week we found words that were in the -ug family.  This was perfect, since one of those words was "bug".  The kids also came up with...jug, pug, snug, and dug.  Our power words were "am, an, are".  The story for this week was "We Are", which helped us to focus on our power word "are".  I had fun telling the class they all sounded like pirates as they repeated their "are" power word repeatedly.  lol

Math was all about fair share this week (fractions).  We looked at how to…